Merrin Harger

About Merrin Harger


I am originally from New Zealand where I trained at the University of Auckland Elam School of Fine Arts. My focus has been on New Zealand landscapes and seascapes. These earlier paintings were sold through "Art of This World" in Auckland New Zealand.


I relocated to St Albans in  UK six years ago and have continued to paint but I am now challenged by the new terrain and unfamiliar landscapes of a country far more intensively worked and inhabitaed since ancient times. All this seen and observed through eyes used to a country with the sun travelling high across a nothern sky. The experience and contrast of these two countries has helped me develop feelings and empathy I have for the environment, which I portray in my paintings of landscapes and seascapes.


My medium of choice is oil on canvas and my style is recognizable by not being purely representative. It is characterised by my use of luminous and intermingling colours, mountains and horizons, depth of field and texture.